Working with Parents and Carers: Positive Parenting

Course Aim:

This one day course aims to help practitioners consider the causes of difficult behaviour, explore factors which contribute to difficult behaviour and develop strategies to improve behaviour, and understand the importance of consistency in maintaining it.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Link key theory, knowledge and research underpinning positive parenting and child development.
  • Understand the factors associated with the development and continuation of negative behaviour in children and young people
  • Recognise a number of different ways to improve children’s behaviour by focusing on praise and encouragement; active ignoring; giving effective instructions; shaping and managing behaviour through a variety of positive reinforcement approaches
  • Consider how to help parents deal with and shape challenging behaviour through the use of clear boundaries; non-punitive limit setting; time out and privilege removal
  • Explore intervention methods and how to help parents to develop appropriate house rules and daily routines that can assist in increasing consistency, promoting a calm atmosphere and help children to manage transitions.