Our Services

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop change that can be sustained by practitioners long after our associates have finished their work. We bring years’ of experience not just in training, but in a range of professional settings; our models are not ‘branded’ or ‘licensed’ because we believe that practice evolves over time through the professional community, collaborating together to build on established ideas and approaches.

We work with you to share and develop ideas, suggest relevant aims and outcomes which take account of current national context and ensure that our training is flexible and adaptable.

Our excellent track record working with organisations nationwide, equips us with the ability to anticipate challenges, requirements, opportunities and constraints faced daily by our clients.

Our training:

  • Integrates agency policy and procedures
  • Promotes anti-oppressive practice
  • Delivers up-to-date research, practice and knowledge
  • Take place within a context where everyone feels safe to learn

Our Services

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All Talking Life training is bespoke to your organisation. The content of each session is discussed with you and formally signed off prior to delivery.

We will discuss how the courses will include your values and behaviours of working and any local policies and procedures that maybe relevant.

Once the content is agreed, final course programmes and associated materials are developed and shared with your prior to delivery. This is an integral part of our quality assurance process.


Our courses are delivered by exceptional, qualified trainers – specialists in their subjects – and feedback from our training is consistently rated ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ by both delegates and those commissioning the courses. Our trainers are monitored by the company on a regular basis and are required to keep up to date with legal and practice developments in their field of expertise on a regular basis through research u0026amp; development.

Delivery of our courses can be online in the virtual classroom via your preferred platform of choice (MS Teams/Zoom) or in the classroom.

A range of methods are used by our trainers to maximise participation and interest in the training and to provide variety throughout the session to ensure that we engage with our learners. It is recognised that participants’ experience and expectations from training will be very different depending on their role. All of our training, whether virtual or in the classroom, is highly interactive.

Booking System

Talking Life has in place an established, bespoke, web-based Client relationship Management system, to organise and manage all training bookings, delegate bookings, trainers, materials, invoicing, book-keeping, evaluations, and record keeping.

Within the CRM is a delegate booking system. We are able to offer this delegate booking system as part of our training programmes. Delegates will be sent an individual booking link for your courses together with a ‘PIN’. This link and pin will enable them to book onto any of the courses on their training programme. Delegates will receive a booking confirmation email which will contain the MS Teams/Zoom/link or venue details to the training event at the time of booking.

Customer Care

Our dedicated, professional customer team manages and carries out all communication between Talking Life and you, the client. They will liaise directly with you and the training will be monitored at every stage to make sure you are satisfied. Our head office team are experienced, enthusiastic and sympathetic. They have all been chosen for their outstanding communication skills and the friendly and sympathetic way they liaise with both trainers and clients. They are calm and helpful at all times, have a great sense of humour and are highly professional.


Ahead of the training sessions our events coordination team will enquire if there are any special requests from delegates who are taking part in the training and will do everything to ensure that all delegates’ needs are catered for.

Electronic and printed materials are issued to meet the requirements of the customer. All printed materials are sent directly to the customer ahead of the training delivery. Electronic materials are sent via email to the customer a week ahead of the training. We are able to supply materials both electronically and in hard copies if required. Electronic materials are useful for delegates with visual impairment as they are able to alter the font size to suit. We are able to print documents in an increased font size and on coloured paper if required. The learning materials will also be varied in their descriptive content, some in a textual format and some in graphic formats to allow different learning styles to be accommodated.

Power point presentations can include subtitles if required.

For online training we are also able to print workbooks and send them to delegates ahead of the sessions if they wish.

Learning and Development

In order to support the continuous learning and development of your staff we make our trainers available for further questions and support via a secure Q u0026amp; A blog on the Talking Life website post training. Delegates are able to ask questions without revealing their identity post training and the trainer provides the necessary answer. This service is included on all of our training contracts.

All training is supplemented by comprehensive workbooks containing all slides, additional text on some slides, all exercises and space for delegates’ own notes and action plans. The workbook will also contain references for further reading and online tools.


Evaluation is a critical part of our process. All delegates complete an evaluation form, as does our trainer, so that we may feed back to you any relevant issues raised as a result of the training. Talking Life provides management reports on each of the training sessions and will regularly meet with you to discuss these reports, review the provision of our training and monitor your training requirements.


Our training doesn’t end at evaluation. 3 – 6 months post-delivery, we send out a post training impact survey to monitor the effectiveness that the training has had in your organisation. It will also help to identify any areas of strengths/weaknesses that exist in your organisation as well as providing information on your return on investment.


Through our Service Delivery Management team we meet with our clients regularly to discuss past training and how improvements can be made (if any) and discuss any future training requirements.

We will continually monitor all training  and work with our customers to ensure feedback is incorporated as and where appropriate

We rigorously adhere to all available corporate training guidelines, policies & requirements. So, whether you are looking for a one-off course or a bespoke programme we are confident we can offer you the right training for you.