Working with Male Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse 

Course Aim:

To provide participants with an opportunity to develop their understanding of men who abuse women. To consider appropriate assessment of risk and how appropriate intervention can be used to plan appropriate child focused responses.

The course will be underpinned by appropriate current research, theory and knowledge drawn from Service User reports, Serious Case reviews, Inspections and Government Inquiries.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Review the definition and different forms in which domestic abuse can be perpetrated
  • Develop an understanding of ethical, respectful and accountable assessment and intervention of perpetrators which increases safety of women and children
  • Consider the impact of assessment and intervention and measure effectiveness to ensure risks are reduced and safety for women and children is increased
  • Identify the etiology of risk, implicit theories of perpetrators which play a role in the development of cognitive distortions/maladaptive thinking styles and typologies of abuse
  • Consider levels of motivation by the perpetrator and therefore type of intervention likely to increase motivational shift towards behaviour change
  • Consider the research and outcome for effective interventions and safety planning
  • Consider when expert assessment is required due the complexity and level of risk presented
  • Consider how to promote effective multi-agency networking to inform the assessment process.