At In-Trac we aim to work in collaboration with organisations who commission us, in order to develop change that can be sustained by practitioners long after our associates have finished their work.  We bring years of experience not just in training but in a range of professional settings; our models are not ‘branded’ or ‘licensed’  because we believe that practice evolves over time through the professional community collaborating together to build on established ideas and approaches.

We know that bringing in “the experts” to deliver short training programmes may result in practitioners feeling that they have been “told what to do” rather than owning the ideas and having time to try out the skills that have been taught and make them their own.

Our single and multi-agency training delivers high quality, cost effective training designed to suit your requirements and budget. By listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements, we are able to use that knowledge to develop training courses tailored to your needs.

We work with you to share and develop ideas, suggest relevant  aims and outcomes which take account of current national context, and ensure that our training is flexible and adaptable. Our excellent track record, working with multi-agency organisations nationwide, equips us with the ability to anticipate challenges, requirements, opportunities and constraints faced daily by our customers.

A range of relevant training methods are used. Our training:

  • integrates agency policy and procedures

  • promotes anti-oppressive practice

  • delivers up-to-date research, practice and knowledge

  • takes place within a context where everyone feels safe to learn

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In-Trac’s well established and respected training primarily focuses on the well-being of vulnerable children. We understand the importance of hearing the voice of the child when working in complex situations with children and their families.

Our work with multi-professional audiences across the country enables us to constantly build and update our knowledge and skills to provide our customers with the most effective service to meet their needs.


Our trainers have extensive experience of training in social care and in public protection, including the protection of vulnerable adults. We also deliver training in the safer recruitment of workers in adult services; as well as working along side Local Authorities to develop their procedures.

Our associates provide expertise in the development and implementation of adult protection procedures as well as first line management of enquiries where adults have been identified as being at risk of abuse.

These pages show a sample of the training we provide.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please visit our contacts page or telephone Louise or Sue on 01428 641425.

Please see our In-Trac Principles statement