Safeguarding Disabled Children – 2 Days

Course Aim:

This programme explores the context within which abuse may take place, and develops skills in recognising and responding to situations where disabled children may be experiencing significant harm.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Describe the particular circumstances which make disabled children vulnerable to abuse
  • Understand how to work within the social model of disability
  • Develop skills in assessing the signs and indicators presented by disabled children who may have been subjected to abuse
  • Consider how to plan their work with disabled children taking account of their particular communication needs
  • Understand how to work effectively with disabled children within the procedures for safeguarding children from harm
  • Understand how to ensure that interventions remain focused on the best interests of the child whilst working in complex situations where there are many competing demands and priorities.
  • Develop skills in working within complex multi-agency networks to ensure that risks are assessed and interventions meet the needs of the child.