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There are specific requirements relating to support for care leavers. The ultimate aim of leaving care services is to support care leavers so that they can live successful independent lives. Each care leaver will reach that point at a different age and there should be no assumption that the duty means that all care leavers will require statutory support until the age of 25. Young people are not adults and are also transitioning through developmental stages which impact on their decision-making reasoning, risk taking choices and ability to learn and use life skill. As part of this Transitions (Leaving Care) Training course we will look at brain development in adolescence and how to support young people through a range of transition situations

Who is Transitions (Leaving Care) aimed at?

Children's Care Staff

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of the transition out of care whenever it occurs. Links will be made to relevant legislation
  • Examine the outcomes for young people leaving care
  • Identify the factors that make the move into adulthood particularly challenging for care leavers. This includes understanding adolescent brain development
  • Recognise what factors can make a difference for young people leaving care. Including what care leavers are entitled to and independent living options
  • Enable and encourage participants to reflect on their own journey to independence and make meaningful connections and comparisons with care leavers experiences, to better contextualise the issues/challenges faced
  • Explore effective planning, support systems and strategies for making the process of leaving care positive.
  • Promote the concept of corporate parenting through the leaving care transition into adulthood

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