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This a two-day Court Familiarization and Evidence Giving Training course designed to provide social workers with insight into the legal system together with the skills and confidence to give effective and compelling evidence in court.

Who is Court Familiarization and Evidence Giving (Court Skills) aimed at?

The course is designed for a wide range of social workers, both in Childrens and Adults SC – from those newly qualified to those with court experience but wishing to improve their skills.

Course Length

2 days

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will learn, in a supportive and dynamic environment:

  • Where law comes from
  • The court system
  • The different types of court hearings
  • Court and tribunal proceedings
  • The importance of the social workers within the court process
  • Analysis and assessments
  • The requirement of concise, evidence-based, readable reports
  • How to construct a witness statement/report
  • Lawyers – their role, duties and rules
  • Judges – their role, requirements and their decision-making process
  • The practice and procedure of the court – formalities and conventions
  • How a trial takes place
  • How to prepare for a court or tribunal hearing
  • How to present evidence in court
  • How to deal with challenging cross-examination
  • How to learn from and share experience as a witness

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