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In this course, we will look at the assessment of a child in relation to all the factors that are influencing and impacting on his or her life within this definition. Therefore, the course will cover County Lines (CL), Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Peer-on-Peer Abuse, Online Abuse, PREVENT, Gangs and their origins, whether from the home and family, peers, the school community, their neighbourhood or from the wider society. Within this, we will also look at the roles of agencies that could have a positive influence on the child or young person involved in these matters. In addition to this, we will explore the child’s existing issues which make the child/young person more vulnerable. There is the added option within this training course to feature Derek Bell, an ex Newcastle United professional footballer and a survivor of the football sex abuse scandal to talk on his experiences as an Adult of historical sex abuse and how it ruined his Adulthood along with being sectioned under the Mental Capacity Act, and then about turning his life around.

Who is Contextual Safeguarding aimed at?

Practitioners likely to be directly involved, such as Social Workers, school Designated Safeguarding Leads, Police Officers, Youth Workers and Charity Workers or NGOs.

Course Length

2 days (can be offered as a 1 day awareness only course)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise what Contextual safeguarding is and how it is defined in victims
  • Recognise signs of CCE and CSE
  • Know what procedures there are to tackle CSE and CCE
  • Understand what county lines is, how they work and how they use vulnerable children
  • Understand what the offences are that can exploit children
  • Know where peer on peer abuse sits within contextual safeguarding and what abuse occurs between peers, including within schools
  • Understand gangs, their formation and influence on children
  • Understand lessons learnt from other authorities in relation to CCE.
  • Look at local problems that can have an impact on safeguarding
  • Understand how victims are exploited from the child’s perspective
  • Explore children’s existing safeguarding issues in the family that may have an impact
  • Identify legislation and procedures both nationally and locally.
  • Consider the safeguarding duty and capacity of individuals and agencies within contextual safeguarding
  • Understand the need to ‘weight’ the order of change for the child
  • Know how to apply procedures

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