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To provide participants with an opportunity to increase knowledge, and understanding about the importance of developing secure attachments, and the impact of insecure attachments on children’s development. To provide participants with the necessary knowledge and understanding about child development and attachment, to help them improve skills in supporting children and ultimately improving outcomes for them.

Who is Appreciating the Importance of Attachment in Assessment aimed at?

Multi Agency Staff

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should:-

  • Have increased knowledge and understanding about research on attachment and the neuroscience of attachment.
  • Understand why attachment matters.
  • Have reflected on how poor attachment impacts upon children in their development.
  • Have considered implications for work with children who have not experienced secure attachment and the impact of trauma.
  • Understand how early care giving might have a long-lasting impact on children’s development and how children might internalise their experiences of attunement with caregivers.
  • Have increased knowledge about the risk factors affecting attachment and which groups of children are vulnerable.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of different types of secure and insecure attachment.
  • Have considered what neuroscience tells us about how trauma can affect emotions and learning.
  • Be able to appreciate and demonstrate the importance of considering the attachment of children in critically reflective practice and in undertaking good assessments.
  • Consider what is needed to help children recover from trauma.

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