Helping children and young people deal with bereavement/seperation and loss

Course Aim:

To improve understanding and develop practical strategies to help support children and young people who experience significant losses in their lives.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Understand more about the issues surrounding losses and responses to loss experienced by children, including bereavement, separation, divorce and illness
  • Be familiar with attitudes towards death and loss along with the difference between grief and depression
  • Understand the ethnic, religious and cultural considerations in bereavement and loss
  • Understand the role of rights and rituals
  • Be able to apply a range of practical support systems to children and families dealing with loss
  • Understand how to apply an effective approach to working with children and families where loss has occurred
  • Recognise how child development affects children’s views of bereavement and loss
  • Work confidently with bereaved families where children are involved
  • Identify the range of support available to bereaved children and families
  • Understand the importance of working within an anti discriminatory way when engaging children, young people and their families.