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Our work is firmly rooted in safeguarding practice with children and adults through training, supervision, and reviews of practice. We work extensively with a wide range of Health organisations to support practitioners in their safeguarding work through:.

  • Delivering training for health practitioners responsible for safeguarding supervision in either children or adult services
  • Direct supervision of Health professionals, either 1:1 or in groups
  • Safeguarding training
  • Reviews of practice

Supervision in Health Settings:

Safeguarding reviews have consistently highlighted the crucial role that health professionals play in identifying and responding to the possible abuse of children or adults.

Yet, delivering effective safeguarding supervision within both hospital and community settings can be challenging. Patients may move through the system swiftly; the primary patient may be another family member and not be the person of concern and they are likely to come into contact with several different members of staff.

The multi-agency network surrounding the patient may also be complex.

The integrated model of supervision:

Our model of supervision aims to help practitioners work with the complexity of the safeguarding challenges and to support reflection and critical thinking.

Our integrated model of supervision provides a framework for delivering supervision which:

  • Involves a professional relationship between the supervisor and staff member based on safety trust and mutual respect which contributes to improving the emotional wellbeing of staff
  • Provides an opportunity to reflect on day to day safeguarding work with patients, and the interplay between feelings, thoughts, decisions and action
  • Is clear about the context within which supervision takes place including organisational expectations and demands
  • Supports staff to think about the wider system including work with other agencies

The framework includes supporting tools to help supervisors work creatively with supervisees throughout the process.

Supervision methods:

We recognise that supervision may be delivered differently depending upon the setting and we are able to offer training focused on the delivery of either 1:1 or group supervision.

We deliver supervision to either individual or groups.

Training Courses:

Course titles and learning outcomes are given as an example and offer a starting point for discussion. Please contact us for further details or discuss your particular requirements.

Please click on the following links for learning aims and outcomes:

1:1 or Group Supervision facilitated by trained Supervisors:


We recommend every 4 – 6 weeks but also offer tailored solutions to fit with the individual and organisational requirements.


1:1 Sessions usually last 1 hour.

Group sessions for 4 to 6 participants usually last 1.5 hours.

What our clients say …

The interaction and ability to get to know the other members of the group through breakout rooms was inspiring, understanding the vulnerabilities that each of us have.

CCG – October 2021

Excellent course, really reflective and lots of strategies that I cannot wait to start using in supervision sessions.

Team Leader – October 2021

The tutor was engaging, offered many experiences that were relatable, read the room ( zoom ) intuitively and ensured participation for all.

NHS Foundation Trust – October 2021

The training was very inspiring and very informative. I have taken a lot away from this training that will support and help me to develop and implement the skills needed in my job.

Social work team – September 2021

Session was excellent. Lots of opportunities to discuss interesting points. Information was clear and concise.

Academy Trust – September 2021