Developing Effective Supervision: Core Skills for Supervisors – 2 days

Course Aim:

This two day programme aims to focus on the core knowledge and skills needed by supervisors working within a variety of settings in health and social care.

For social work supervisors the content of the course is consistent with the approach to supervision set out within the employers standards.  


Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Understand what constitutes effective supervision and its relationship to safe practice and positive outcomes for service users.
  • Consider the Integrated Model (4x4x4) of supervision and how it can assist in understanding the functions of supervision and its impact of supervision on others within the system.
  • Consider how past experience of supervision can impact on the supervisory relationship.
  • Understand the importance of developing and reviewing the supervisory relationship and the role of the agreement in promoting inclusive practice within supervision.
  • Consider the role of supervision throughout the stages of professional development from newly qualified to experienced practitioner.
  • Understand the importance of recording supervision.
  • Understand the importance of the authoritative supervisory style in promoting good outcomes through supervision.
  • Use the supervision cycle, and understand how it can be used as a model to facilitate effective supervision.
  • Consider the impact of anxiety and how emotions may impact on staff, critical thinking and decision making.