Working with resistant families/disguised compliance

Course Aim:

This interactive one-day course will enable delegates to develop their knowledge and confidence in working with resistance parents and carers to improve the welfare and outcomes for children and young people. This course will develop skills in identifying disguised compliance, why families are resistant, how to identify and evidence in assessments and understand what they can do to move things forward.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Understand how resistance and disguised compliance manifests itself and what might motivate it
  • Identify strategies for responding to resistance and noncompliance incorporating person centred approaches
  • Explore skills and techniques for breaking down resistance and disguised compliance to develop relationships including reciprocity
  • Recognise and manage the power dynamics in relationships
  • Evidence and record resistance and disguised compliance in assessments and outcome focussed plans
  • Utilise evidence-based decision making in response to resistance and disguised compliance
  • Identify how their own values and bias influence practice
  • Reflect on the effectiveness of interventions to understand if progress has been made.