A series of one day seminars, presented by Rebecca Brown, and intended for frontline practitioners who are working directly with children and families.  The seminars will provide an overview of key research to facilitate a greater understanding of individual children’s needs when there are significant child protection concerns including; child development and the impact of maltreatment; theoretical and psychological concepts relating to parental behavioural change; and barriers to working effectively to prevent childhood neglect.

Rebecca Brown is an In-Trac Associate and until recently was a Research Fellow at Centre for Child and Family Research CCFR, Loughborough University. Rebecca takes a lead role in a prospective longitudinal study on infants suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm.

Seminar One: Responding effectively to neglect: messages from research

This seminar will explore obstacles to effective action in neglect cases. It will draw on illustrations from a prospective longitudinal study of infants suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm, as well as other research studies.

Seminar Two: Decision-making within a child’s timeframe

This seminar will bring together key research evidence in areas relating to; neuroscience perspectives on children’s cognitive, social and emotional development; the implications of maltreatment on childhood and adulthood wellbeing; and timeframes for intervening and why they are out of kilter with those for children.

Seminar Three: Assessing parental capacity to change when children are on the edge of care

This seminar will bring together some of the key research messages concerning factors which promote or inhibit parental capacity to change in families where there are significant child protection concerns.

These seminars are delivered as whole day workshops (9.30 am – 4.30 pm) and can be combined as a series or delivered individually.