Working with Fathers and Other Significant Males – 1 day


To increase confidence of practitioners in engaging ‘fathers’ in children’s safeguarding work; and raise and reinforce awareness of the importance of engaging ‘fathers’ to secure better outcomes for children. ‘Fathers’ = “Biological or other father-figures” (Daniel & Taylor 2001)

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have been offered the opportunity to gain:

  • an enhanced understanding/knowledge of the issues for both professionals and fathers in children’s safeguarding work
  • a firmer grasp of the research/theory base on the benefits (or otherwise) for children of being ‘father-inclusive’
  • an idea of the ways services and organisations could be adapted to secure better professional practice in this area
  • increased awareness of the skills, qualities, support and ‘tools’ professionals need to develop to work successfully with fathers
  • a reminder that best practice has a statutory base – recent case law involving ‘parental responsibility’ and ‘engaging men’ fairly in safeguarding and other processes