Working With Adolescents


Through exploring the challenges of adolescent development participants will improve their understanding of why young people can be challenging to communicate with, especially bearing in mind attachment difficulties and past trauma. Participants will consider potential barriers to communication, and ways of dealing with hostility.  They will learn techniques to engage young people more effectively, considering creative methods of intervention, and ways of building on strengths.


This course aims to equip practitioners to work more effectively with adolescents to promote their well being and to help practitioners break negative cycles of communication and increase their enjoyment of working with young people.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have been offered the opportunity to:

  • understand brain development in adolescents and how this affects communication
  • identify the principles and pitfalls of dealing with challenging behaviour in adolescents
  • learn techniques from Transactional Analysis which will assist participants to maintain balanced communication with adolescents, and avoid lecturing and telling off
  • develop skills in helping young people express their emotions appropriately
  • consider how to make boundaries and expectations clear, assistance in staying calm
  • recognise and appreciate young people’s strengths and enjoy what they bring to relationships
  • understand the importance of working within an anti racist/anti discriminatory way when engaging young people and their families.