Supervising to Safeguard in Childrens Services

This two day course is designed for any supervisor within children’s services who has responsibility for staff working regularly with children who may be at risk of significant harm. It would be suitable for staff from a range of professions working within children’s services e.g. youth work/children’s centres/etc.


This programme aims to give supervisors within Children’s Services an opportunity to consider what constitutes effective supervision for staff working with children, young people and their families and to develop supervision skills.

The focus of the programme will be how effective supervision can contribute towards assessing risk and keeping children safe from harm. Lessons from serious case reviews will be explored in order to consider the role that supervisors play in managing the emotional impact of child protection work and using emotions positively to assist decision making.

In addition the programme will focus on how supervision promotes practitioner’s strengths and builds on their resilience.

Learning Outcomes:

 By the end of the course participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Consider the definition of effective supervision and its functions.
  • Consider the significance of individual supervision agreements and the importance of developing an effective supervisory relationship
  • Consider the knowledge base for effective supervision including messages from serious case reviews
  • Consider the impact of supervision on outcomes for children at risk of harm
  • Consider the impact of supervision on the workers’ development as a collaborative partner in the professional child protection network
  • Understand  and rehearse promoting reflection through supervision
  • Understand the impact of emotion and anxiety on practitioners working in the safeguarding arena
  • Explore how supervision supports personal and professional development to enable workers to meet the challenges of reflective practice within the safeguarding arena
  • Explore how supervision enables workers to build resilience