Supervising to safeguard children in education – 2 days


This two day course is for staff in schools, particularly but not exclusively to Designated Safeguarding Leads, to support them in providing supervision, necessary advice and guidance to staff who are working with vulnerable children who may be at risk of harm.

Understanding the variety of factors that might affect the way in which staff respond to vulnerable children, and the role of supervision in managing anxiety and providing emotional support to staff, is central to the course. The integrated model of supervision (Morrison, 2002; Wonnacott, 2013) has been piloted in schools and ways have been found to complement existing management structures schools are already using.  Schools’ feedback has been used to devise the course materials for a school based focus.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • consider why effective supervision is important in keeping children safe from harm
  • explore lessons from serious case reviews in relation to safeguarding within schools, including developing safe systems and cultures
  • understand what good supervision to safeguard students in schools looks like
  • consider the impact of anxiety and how emotions may impact on staff, critical thinking and decision making
  • practice using the supervision cycle and asking questions that will enable reflection and analysis to support effective decision making
  • understand the importance of record keeping, including recording supervision discussions, and consider the systems that need to be in place to achieve this
  • consider how effective supervision can be delivered within a school environment
  • develop confidence in managing growing safeguarding expectations placed on school staff.