Supervising safer contact

The importance of ‘Keeping in touch’: an event to consider the importance of promoting, arranging and supervising safer and memorable contact for ‘Looked After’ children

Aim of Workshop:

To provide opportunity for Social Care staff and volunteers responsible for arranging and supervising contact to understand from research and theory the importance of promoting contact between children and their families to enable the child to make sense of themselves and their origins, and to explore imaginative ways to provide effective safer supervision of contact, while ensuring the maximum benefit for the child.

Learning Outcomes:

Delegates will be offered the opportunity to explore and consider:

  • The legal requirement and procedure involved in promoting contact between a ‘Looked After’ child and their family and friends
  • Establish clarity in the expectations of the agency, the child and the parent by use of a clear supervised contact agreement
  • The impact of abuse on children and their families
  • The confusion of emotion and divided loyalty experienced by a ‘separated-child’ and how they may express this in frustration, anger, confusion or distress towards their family, carer and professional
  • Undertaking a ‘safeguarding risk assessment’ in planning and prior to arranging contact
  • The significance of attachment between the child and their parent-carer, and the importance of ensuring the child maintains contact with their family safely
  • Why and how contact helps a child understand and develop their identity, and self image in their cultural context
  • Ways of making contact meaningful to the child and carer whilst ensuring the safety of all
  • Practical skill and strategies in planning and achieving sensitive, effective safer supervision of contact between children and their families
  • How ways a ‘supervisor’ can be both ‘invisible’ but ‘visible’ when necessary and when and how to intervene