Safeguarding for managers


To provide an opportunity for participants to explore their role and develop their skills and knowledge in relation to safeguarding children who use their services.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how as managers YOU are accountable for and can contribute to your organisation being safe for children and service users
  • Develop an understanding of the relevant organisational policies, legislation and other external drivers that impact on safeguarding children practice
  • Identify good practice in maintaining a safe working environment for staff and service users including safe recruitment
  • Acknowledge the complexities of decision making and managing risks in relation to child protection
  • Apply Kolb’s learning cycle to the supervisory process, to aid decision making re concerns about a child or young person’s welfare
  • Manage staff competence in safeguarding children and identify any dangerous practice
  • Identify good practice in setting up safe partnerships with other organisations
  • Have an opportunity to reflect on practice with other managers and develop an action plan for use in YOUR workplace.