Exploring diversity – a modular approach

Whilst developing this programme we have paid a great deal of attention to the structure and order of the materials to offer participants the opportunity to make a journey of exploration.

In deciding on our content we have made several assumptions:

  • That participants attend because they would like to explore issues in their management of diversity issues, be it with service users, colleagues or staff
  • Everything we do should be embedded in the organisations Equality Scheme
  • That a purely academic programme will not necessarily address these issues
  • That people will be willing to share their issues in order to learn from them.

We have therefore, focused more upon individual concerns, knowledge, skills and practice than the organisational context, although we have not neglected this. This is a little more risky for all concerned than starting with the broader issues. We believe that participants make judgements about how safe they find the environment, and therefore how much they are prepared to disclose.

We will try to ensure as much safety as possible, although we believe that the more risks that you are willing to take, the more we can all learn together.

If at any time we find this strategy is not working, we reserve the right to re-order the programme and work to build mutual trust and support, to ensure that the environment is as safe as possible for learning.

We hope that you will be willing to work in partnership with us in this way, and that we can all participate fully and have fun in all our learning activities.

The modular approach allows for organisations to decide the components that will best meet their needs in addressing the complexity of diversity issues, and build a coherent programme which can ‘tell the story’ in many different ways.


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