Nurturing emotional resilience – 1 day course

This day builds on the workshop on ‘Authoritative social work practice in the assessed and supported year and beyond’ by supporting social workers to conceptualise personal resilience as an essential ingredient of professional authority. Participants need to have completed the one day Authoritative social work practice in the assessed and supported year and beyond prior to attending this course.


This day is designed to examine the significance of emotion and reflection in social work, and support practitioners to build their resilience.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Examine the emotional impact of their work.
  • Consider their own emotional resilience.
  • Review recent research on personal and professional resilience.
  • Focus on how reflective practice promotes practitioners’ well-being.
  • Consider the significance of individual resilience for professional development.
  • Plan how to sustain and nurture their emotional resilience.

It will draw on theoretical approaches to understanding how emotion impacts on cognition, and on research about resilience in the social care and health professions.  Practitioners will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences during training and ASYE with a view to building their own resilience.