Authoritative social work practice in the assessed and supported year and beyond – 1 day course


This one day workshop is designed to support practitioners in their Assessed and Supported Year and beyond to reflect on their personal/professional development.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the knowledge, values, skills that underpin professional social work practice.
  • Consider the personal qualities and values they bring to their role as a qualified social worker.
  • Reflect on  the integration of a sense of self, identity and role in their personal/professional journey.
  • Focus on their purpose within the social work role.
  • Examine the significance of authoritative practice.
  • Plan for the next stage in their journey as an authoritative practitioner.

This day will draw on theoretical approaches to understanding identity, authority, practice leadership, loss and change to encourage reflective processes at an individual level and through sharing in small group work.

It can serve as a foundation for a further workshop on Nurturing emotional resilience.