Assessing the needs of children in situations of domestic violence – 1 day


The potential impact on children of living in situations of domestic violence has been well documented and serious case reviews have consistently highlighted the need to improve our practice in this area. However, assessing the impact on individual children can be complex and demanding work which requires a good understanding of the evidence base and specific frameworks for assessing risk.  This course explores the impact of domestic violence on children with a focus on their safety.  It also considers effective risk assessments within a multi-agency setting, strategies for effective interventions and safety planning.

Course aim:

To help practitioners to recognise and work with the complex factors affecting domestic abuse, and how this impacts on children and use this knowledge to carry out effective assessments which lead to the right help being provided to individual children and their families.

Course outcomes:

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Understand the different forms in which domestic abuse can be perpetrated.
  • Appreciate the impact of domestic abuse on children at different stages of their development.
  • Be familiar with the local inter-agency procedures on domestic violence.
  • Be able to carry out an assessment of risk.
  • Consider the CAADA -DASH risk assessment and it’s possible use by multi-agency’s practitioners.
  • Be introduced to the Barnardo’s matrix for risk assessment.
  • Appreciate the difficulties faced by victims and their children in leaving the violent relationship.
  • Clarify how to support victims and their children in reducing the risk through effective interventions and safety planning.