Mindfullness and resilience

Mindfulness is a well evidenced approach to stress reduction and is increasingly used in the ‘people professions’ to support staff resilience, improve wellbeing and reduce ‘burn out’.

Mindfulness courses use meditation and reflective group and individual activities to enhance self awareness, reduce reactivity and increase staff skills in recognising and responding appropriately to stressful situations.

Courses can be delivered in the workplace as either 8 x weekly sessions of 2 hours duration or 4 x fortnightly sessions of 4 hours duration. Participants are asked to listen to meditation audio CDs daily and undertake other home practice activities for the duration of the course. Mindfulness courses are secular and accessible to staff of all abilities.

Courses are taught by Susan Kelly, a registered social worker and experienced manager who has over 24 years experience in children’s services. Susan completed Mindfulness Teacher Training with Bangor University in 2011 and adheres to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness.

Please contact us on 01428 641425 for further information.