Supervision – Our Approach …


Supervision is integral to the delivery of high quality practice across health, social care, education and other human services; development of effective relationships between supervisors and supervisees throughout the system is fundamental to improving outcomes for service users.


Although empirical research is limited, there is accumulating evidence from research and practice of the importance of supervision. Studies have shown that good supervision is associated with:

  • Job satisfaction,
  • Commitment to the organisation
  • Staff retention and,
  • Employees’ perceptions of the support they receive from their employers (Carpenter et al 2012).

In addition, employers need a forum where the quality of practice can be scrutinised, staff’s development needs explored and workers given the opportunity to:

  • Explore the emotional impact of the work
  • Manage anxiety
  • Consider how their own biases and beliefs may be affecting practice
  • Reflect on the dynamic of the interaction between themselves and those using services
  • Develop their own interpersonal skills
  • Use their intellectual capabilities to form professional judgements, decisions and plans.

Our model is The Integrated Model (colloquially known as the 4x4x4 model of supervision), based on the work of Tony Morrison[1] and our director Jane Wonnacott[2].  It helps organisations to deliver a style of supervision that takes account of all of these factors.

We believe that a whole system approach is necessary for the delivery of effective supervision with senior managers engaged in establishing the supervision culture and expressing this through a clear policy statement which includes a clear commitment to delivering effective supervision throughout the organisation. An important part of this approach is ongoing development opportunities for supervisors and regular opportunities for them to reflect on their practice.

What our clients say …

The course was excellent, thought provoking and helped me reconsider and revaluate several views/perceptions I held

North London CCG

The trainer was engaging, natural and informative. All ideas and contributions were acknowledge and valued and she showed a clear understanding of our pressures and field of work

Hampshire & IOW

1:1 or Group Supervision facilitated by trained Supervisors:

Supervision is inextricably linked to the experience of adults, children and families who receive services from health and social care staff. 

We believe good supervisors make more difference than we will ever know; although its impact can be hard to measure, it is likely that the effect of good supervision is far reaching and that supervisors frequently have much greater influence on staff and practice than they may imagine.

Supervision is the basis for practice leadership where the role of the supervisor as an experienced professional with the professional authority to both support and develop practice is key.

We know that early experiences of supervision have a powerful impact on professional confidence, competence, identity and direction.



We recommend approximately 6-weekly but also offer tailored solutions to fit with the individual and organisation requirements.



1:1 Sessions usually last 1.5 hours.

Group sessions usually last 2 hours.