How to supervise: Using an integrated model of supervision in schools


Duration: 2 days

This programme provides the essential elements of supervising to safeguard in school

Course aim:

This course aims to support staff in schools in using the integrated model of supervision. It introduces strategies and tools to use when supervising staff who are working with vulnerable children who at are risk of harm and may need support.

Session one: Learning Outcomes:

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Consider why effective supervision is important in keeping children safe from harm through professionally curious practice and supporting staff wellbeing
  • Consider how to integrate supervision within the school’s existing policies, processes and procedures
  • Consider what good supervision practice looks like through an understanding of an integrated model
  • Develop skills in using the reflective supervision cycle

Session two: Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and young people in complex environments
  • Consider the impact of anxiety on critical thinking and decision making and the positive role that supervision can play in developing resilience within the system
  • Use practical tools (the Discrepancy Matrix) to support staff in their decision making
  • Understand the importance of record keeping, including recording supervision discussions, and consider the systems that need to be in place to achieve this