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Helping to build school cultures which recognise the importance of staff wellbeing in effective safeguarding and emotional support for children, their families in a range of school settings. We offer:

  • Supervision Training
  • Supervision for Headteachers and other members of Senior Leadership Teams
  • Safeguarding Supervision for DSL’s and other middle managers

Why is supervision important in schools?

Schools are so often at the heart of work with children and families who may need additional help. As well as contributing to multi agency safeguarding systems, there are increasing demands being placed on schools to be the first port of call in working with a variety of complex issues including supporting vulnerable families and addressing the mental health needs of pupils. This can be challenging for staff who may feel emotionally drained, lacking in confidence and overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them.

Supervision can make a real difference to the wellbeing of staff, pupils and families through providing a space where staff can explore feelings, thoughts and responses and develop confidence in working with a range of complex situations.

What is supervision?

At its simplest, supervision is ‘a professional conversation’. It is not therapy or counselling, focused only on the emotional wellbeing of the supervise but equally it is not a performance management activity with a sole focus on outputs and outcomes. Instead, it sits midway on the continuum between the two. Our integrated model of supervision provides a framework for delivering supervision which:

  • Involves a professional relationship between the supervisor and staff member based on safety trust and mutual respect which contributes to improving the emotional wellbeing of staff
  • Provides an opportunity to reflect on day to day work with pupils and the interplay between feelings thoughts and their impact on decisions and actions
  • Is clear about the context within which supervision takes place including organisational expectations and demands
  • Supports staff to think about the wider system including work with other agencies.

What our clients say …

‘I was reflecting last night about when I started in safeguarding 11 years ago. I knew at the end of my first year as a DSL I needed some sort of external “outlet” for what I was dealing with. I organised personal counselling sessions just to speak about work really. I guess this was my supervision although I had no idea what to call it!!...I am truly grateful for the work that you have done in this area and I hope that all school DSLs will be able to access this support; it is so vital.’ ‘It enabled me to recognise and meet the needs of my staff and ensure wellbeing was considered for all’

DSL, Wellington College

1:1 or Group Supervision facilitated by trained Supervisors:

Supervision is inextricably linked to the experience of adults, children and families who receive services from health and social care staff.

We believe good supervisors make more difference than we will ever know; although its impact can be hard to measure, it is likely that the effect of good supervision is far reaching and that supervisors frequently have much greater influence on staff and practice than they may imagine.

Supervision is the basis for practice leadership where the role of the supervisor as an experienced professional with the professional authority to both support and develop practice is key.

We know that early experiences of supervision have a powerful impact on professional confidence, competence, identity and direction.


We recommend a minimum of every half term but have found 10 sessions over the academic year helpful in becoming established. We also offer tailored solutions to fit with the individual and organisational requirements.


1:1 Sessions usually last 1 hour.

Group sessions usually last 1.5 hours.