Principles Statement

In-Trac believes that training should take place within a context where everyone feels safe to learn. A safe learning environment involves the whole group being clear about the principles underpinning the process and we would like to suggest that the following principles are adhered to throughout this course.

Our Principles

  • An important part of learning is the opportunity to debate issues and challenge each other’s thinking. These discussions should be based on respect for alternative points of view and challenges should focus on the issue not personal attributes.

  • If anyone feels offended by any language or behaviour, this should be challenged within the spirit outlined above. If an individual feels so disadvantaged by the behaviour of another person that they are unable to address this directly with them, this should be brought to the attention of the facilitator.

  • It is likely that there will be a range of experience within the group. Everyone should feel able to ask questions if anything is unclear or unfamiliar jargon is being used.

  • All case study material must remain confidential to the group and all written material must be returned to the facilitator.

  • All discussions that take place during the course of this training should remain confidential to the group unless the whole group agrees that information needs to be passed elsewhere. The only exception to this is if it becomes apparent that the risk of harm to a child or vulnerable adult is not being addressed. In this instance the facilitator will take responsibility for the appropriate sharing of this information.

  • The facilitator will take responsibility for ensuring that the course material is covered and that the training event ends on time.

  • It is helpful if any concerns about the process of the course can be raised with the facilitator as soon as possible. Any complaints about the training can be made directly to the commissioning agency or to In-Trac Training and Consultancy Ltd, PO Box 74, Haslemere, GU27 2YP.

and finally

Training should be a time to get to know our colleagues better, meet new people and have some fun away from the day to day pressures of the workplace. Happy training!