Pre-Birth Assessments

Course Aim:

This course aims to enable participants to undertake effective and timely pre-birth assessment, in partnership with parents. This is a critical area of practice and this course will enable professionals to develop an effective and evidence-based approach to pre-birth assessments.

Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Understand the importance of timely pre-birth assessments and incorporating this within the pre-proceedings process where necessary
  • Consider effective tools and frameworks for conducting pre-birth assessments
  • Consider how to conduct these sensitive assessments in partnership with parents – whilst taking a ‘baby’ focused approach
  • Consider how to use a multi-agency approach, in particularly working with the maternity services
  • Consider the impact of domestic abuse, parental learning disability, substance misuse and parental mental ill health on parents’ capacity to meet a baby’s needs
  • Consider the use of the Signs of Safety methodology and scaling with parents. (It is useful to do this at the beginning and end of the assessment to note any shift in thinking)
  • Understand the importance of a culturally sensitive approach
  • Consider how past history, life style and behaviour can impact on parents’ capacity and risks to baby.