Managing Behaviour Positively: Working with Adolescents, including those with ASD

Course Aim:


Course outcomes: 

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

Day 1: 9.30-1pm

  • Explore the nature of adolescence and the changes that take place within the brain during this time.
  • Understand the process of adolescent development and the behaviours we would expect to see presented by young people during their teenage years.
  • Understand what Autism is and why it is a spectrum condition.
  • Explore the main difficulties associated with the Triad of Impairment and how these may manifest in the behaviour of young people with ASD.

Day 2: 9.30-1pm

  • Explore and understand the personal and environmental factors that contribute towards the presentation of different behaviours.
  • Use these factors to undertake a case study of a young person known to you.
  • Understand the presentation of Sensory Processing Disorder and the difference between hyper and hypo sensitivity.
  • Understand the triggers for stress and anxiety, including those for young people with ASD.
  • Understand the typical pattern of a crisis and how to respond during each stage.

Day 3: 9.30-1pm

  • Explore the conditions associated with the Autistic Spectrum.
  • Understand communicative and environmental strategies that have been proven to support autistic young people to manage their anxiety and develop their skills and confidence.
  • Understand the use of Social Stories and Comic Strips to help Autistic young people successfully navigate potentially difficult situations.