Serious Case Reviews

In-Trac director Jane Wonnacott has been involved in writing serious case review overview reports since 1995. She has completed over sixty reviews and during the period that Ofsted were evaluating reviews, the majority were graded as good. She was the overview author for the report into sexual abuse at nursery Z in Plymouth and is currently involved in another review in a nursery setting. She has a reputation for completing reviews thoroughly and within agreed timescales.

We can offer a team of associates who have experience of conducting Serious Case Reviews either ‘in house’ or as independent authors.  Our associates come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including social work, health and the police and we always aim to match the associate to the case. We also frequently work together as co-authors making sure that we are able to draw on the expertise that is needed in what are often complex situations.

As well as our associates we have efficient administrative staff that are able to ensure that we deliver professionally produced reports within timescales.