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Using supervision effectively: a one day course for supervisees


This day aims to give staff in receipt of 1:1 supervision in health and social care an opportunity to understand the key elements of effective supervision, and how they can work with their supervisors in order to maximise its effectiveness.

 Learning outcomes:

Participants will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Consider what constitutes effective supervision and the various definitions used to explain its functions.
  • Understand how their previous experience of being supervised can impact upon their current supervisory relationship.
  • Understand the importance of effective agreements within supervision.
  • Understand the relationship between supervision and outcomes for service users.
  • Understand the supervision cycle and how this can help in reflecting, analysing and action planning within supervision.
  • Consider their role in working with their supervisors to develop positive supervision practice.


"This course puts tools in your hands to improve on your current practice, understand the supervisee, reassessing as a supervisor where you are at, in a very non judgemental empowering environment"  Read this testimonial →

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