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In-Trac Supervision training praised in NQSW evaluation report 2012

August 28th, 2012

In-Trac were pleased to note that the final evaluation of the NQSW programme (Research report DfE-RR229) by Universities of Bristol, Salford and Kings College London commented that “Those components of the programme, provided by CWDC that were most highly praised by senior managers with a high quality supervision training and additional funding”. The training programme which was developed by our colleague the late¬†Tony Morrison with Jane Wonnacott In-Trac director was delivered by team of our associates whose training skills, commitment and expertise was valued by so many people. We are only sorry that Tony is not here to see the results of his inspirational work.

"Renewed by inspiration and motivation.¬† Will bring the voice of the child alive"  Read this testimonial →

TF, Team Leader

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