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Safeguarding Training Programme for Early Education and Childcare Providers (Group 4)

Who can attend?
Staff working in Early Education and Child Care settings who may be required to contribute to child protection processes including section 47 enquires, child protection conferences and core groups. This course is particularly suitable for those with responsibility for safeguarding arrangements within their setting.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will have the opportunity to:
[li]Revisit the statutory legislation and guidance relevant to safeguarding children from harm, including the 4lscb child protection procedures[eli]
[li]Understand how parenting capacity may be affected by factors such as domestic violence, substance misuse and parental mental ill health[eli]
[li]Work effectively within the multi-agency network where there are concerns that a child might be at risk of significant harm[eli]
[li]Understand the significance of good record keeping and of how, when and with whom to share information[eli]
[li]Consider their role in contributing to enquiries, child protection conferences and core groups[eli]
[li]Consider how the culture of the setting is important in providing a safe environment for children and their responsibility for developing and maintaining an environment where children are protected from harm[eli]

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Safeguarding Training Programme for Early Education and Childcare Providers (Group 4)

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